IFRS 17 is my key area of Expertise (please see my IFRS 17 Fact-Sheet). I have:

  • Provided essential support to a company in a comprehensive impact study regarding ED/2010/8, including a gap analysis;
  • Developed prototypes and valuation models, decision tress and accounting schemes;
  • Gathered practical experience in all the relevant IFRS accounting concepts;
  • Frequently supported companies with the implementation of new accounting regimes;
  • Broad experience of imparting accounting knowledge to actuaries…
  • … and actuarial knowledge to accountants…
  • … at both operating and management levels.

My work is always practice-oriented and I have developed valuation models, created decision trees and designed accounting schemes.

The standard will require many fundamental decisions, which will determine the amount and profile of IFRS results for years to come. The decision-makers in your company should gain an understanding of the options and room for manoeuvre in the standard as early as possible. Only then will they be able to choose a strategy on a sound basis.

I will be pleased to support you with setting up IFRS 17 project structures and developing the necessary technical skills within your organisation – here you can get a first impression of the comprehensive training material that I developed:

IFRS 17 Income Statement: Training Material Summer 2017

Just get in touch with me – I am looking forward to providing you my years of hands-on experience with interpretation and implementation of the new Standard.